How do I find others like me on the site?

Modified on Thu, 06 Jul 2023 at 05:07 PM

An invaluable aspect of our social network is the ability to connect with like-minded individuals who are going through similar experiences.

You can search for other members like you by using ‘Meet Others.’ There are two ways to do this. 

(1) Select the menu icon in the upper left, going to What’s New, then Meet Others. 

(2) Select ‘Meet Others’ on the tab bar at the top of the site page

Method 1:

Method 2:

Next, open the Filters option to search by location, diagnosis, treatments, symptoms, and more! To see all of your search options, use the arrows by the topics to expand them. You can also search by age, gender, and username.

Just so you know, the more search criteria you use, the more refined results you’ll get, but you’ll also get fewer.

To clear your search criteria and start over, select ‘reset.’